CatalogConnector (OGC-CSW)

New version 1.0.1 with search capabilities based with OpenSearch-geo implementation !!

CatalogConnector is a Client Application based in Java which allows sending requests to several metadata catalogs with OGC CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) implementations and processing the responses in a unitary way. The program basis were developed by the IDEC’s S.C. , within theIDE Univers.

CatalogConnector should make possible asking and discovering geospatial information about Catalonia, described in other metadata catalogues of local, state and/or European order.

At this moment, it’s feasible to make requests to catalogs based in products as GeoNetwork, GeoMedia,CatalogCube and Indicio but it’s possible to easily extend the support to other kinds of products.

Download Catalog Connector:

Product Provider Version Definition Link
CatalogConnector CS IDEC and AZGS v.1.0.1 Application and manual. Download
CatalogConnector CS IDEC - OpenSearch-Geo mnual implementation Download
CatalogConnector CS IDEC - Use's example. Link
CatalogConnector CS IDEC - Logo, image of product. Link

Repositories with software amd source code:

Repository Definition Link
SourceForge Accessing different versions of software and source code of application. Link Forge Accessing different versions of software and source code of application. Link

Products and versions supported by CatalogConnector:

Product Version CSW Profile
Indicio 2.0.1 EbRim
GeoNetwork 2.0.1, 2.0.2 ISO
CatOgc_Server 2.0.2 ISO
GeoMedia 2.0.0 ISO
Deegree,con Terra, ESRI GPT,exCat,InGrid 2.0.2 ISO
exCat 2.0.2 ISO
conTerra 2.0.2 ISO
GPT9 2.0.2 ISO

CatalogConnector architecture:

ICatalogConnector architecture

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